Ams-IX routing disturbed

22-10-2010 20:35

The AMS-IX switch located at the SARA datacenter in Amsterdam had
unexpected problems forwarding traffic, resulting in severe packet loss.

AMS-IX currently has the problems under control, and all traffic has
been restored to normal.


AMS-IX reported the following:

A defective switch fabric in stub-sar-322 caused all LDP sessions to
this chassis to go down, effectively disconnecting all members on
this switch from the platform. Because all LSPs remained up, the
members on this switch were not swapped by the photonic switch.

The switch fabric has been disabled and will be replaced. All LDP
sessions are back up and traffic is being forwarded normally.


All traffic going in and out the We Dare network via the AMS-IX was
subject to severe packet loss, temporarily degrading most of the local
(country-wide) connections.

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